Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ketchikan goes to "Shelter in Place" call after three confirmed cases in community

While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the North Coast to this point, eight hours to the north the community of Ketchikan, Alaska is now calling on its residents to shelter in place and stay home.

That after three cases were confirmed in rapid sequence on Saturday, bringing the total to six for Prince Rupert's coastal twin.

In an information statement from Saturday, Ketchikan and area officials provided the details to their call for their communities to "hunker down, shelter in place and stay at home".

The local moves serve to reinforce the State government's guidance on social distancing and closure of non-essential businesses.

To date the Ketchikan's six confirmed cases, bring the total of cases in the State of Alaska to 21.

Officials in Ketchikan are looking towards their latest measures to try to stop the exponential growth of those case files in their community.

Alaska's public radio station KRBD has provided for a range of stories tracking the situation, their work can be reviewed below:

March 21 -- Officials urge Ketchikan to 'hunker down' after announcing three new coronavirus cases
March 20 -- Third case of coronavirus in Ketchikan close contact of first case, say local officials
March 19 -- Ketchikan's second positive coronavirus case is spouse of first, officials say
March 17 -- First Ketchikan coronavirus case shares details
March 16 -- Ketchikan authorities declare disaster and close more facilities
March 12 -- Cancellations could have million-dollar impact; mayors discourage official travel
March 11 -- Coronavirus round table held in Ketchikan

The Ketchikan COVID-19 response can be found from a dedicated page on the Ketchikan city website.

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