Thursday, March 19, 2020

City of Prince Rupert/Prince Rupert Airport Authority outline response to Air Canada flight suspensions

With Air Canada announcing that they will be suspending service for one month to Prince Rupert as of April 1st, the City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert Airport Authority have outlined the measures they will put in place towards Essential Airport Services.

While the Digby Island airport will not have any scheduled air service during the period, the need for access for emergency medical evacuations, maintenance and receipt of supplies will remain and towards that they have provided for a plan for service of the Airport Ferry.

"To accommodate the reduced number of staff that will be travelling to and from the airport, the airport ferry will run on a reduced schedule. In addition, airport ferry staff will be on call to accommodate other emergency needs as they arise. 

Remaining staff have been directed to take appropriate precautions with respect to social distancing, self-isolation if they are symptomatic or have recently returned from travel, and other hygiene practices as recommended by Provincial authorities."

The City's full statement can be reviewed here.

Prince Rupert, Smithers and Sandspit were the Northwest communities to see scheduled service suspended, the Terrace Airport will remain in service during the month of April unless other advisories are issued.

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Further notes on local advisories can be explored here.

1 comment:

  1. One question are some of the ferry staff laid off or are they all on call.
    If the virus crisis goes like some are forecasting where are you going to medevac too?

    Would it not be much cheaper for the city to pay for a helicopter ?

    Why would the airport staff not take a water taxi to and from? Does the city really believe the flight cancelations are only for one month?

    It is at least $700,000 to run the ferry for 4 months.