Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Stay the Course COVID speech for British Columbians from Premier Horgan

British Columbia Premier John Horgan speaking Tuesday night in a
province wide address on the COVID-19 situation

Premier John Horgan spoke to the province for six and half minutes on Tuesday evening, relaying the steps taken so far as British Columbia has ramped up its measures incrementally since nine weeks ago and the first arrival of the COVID-19 virus, with the Premier making note of the many efforts towards the challenges of the virus and the impact it has had to this point across the province.

Observing that it is what we do today that will make the difference in the bid to flatten the curve, he offered thanks to those that have taken the steps asked of them, and shared his thoughts for those that have lost loved ones in the last month and half to the virus.

"There are more challenges ahead and that's why the next fourteen days are so important, what we do today will affect what our doctors, nurses and first responders face in the days and weeks ahead, it will determine how many of us remain healthy and how much we can do to flatten the curve ... there are early signs that our actions are making a difference, but we can't stop now. We need everyone to follow the directions of the Provincial Health Office Dr. Bonnie Henry"

The address, retraced many of the themes of the response, the need for social distancing, to stay at home as much as possible and the frequent need to wash our hands and to take these measures seriously and to obey the law.

Mr. Horgan expressed his gratitude to all of those who are working to keep British Columbia in motion in the midst of the crisis, the health care workers, first responders, those working in transportation and retail grocery stores keeping the supply chain of the province alive.

The Premier reassured residents that the provincial plan will continue to address any issues that come up as part of the health emergency, as well as to highlight the partnerships in supply for much needed medical and sanitary items.

The final portion of the address, reviewed many of the programs now in place to assist British Columbians and hailed the unprecedented cooperation that has been found across Canada to take on the COVID-19 challenge.

The final note relayed the news that the Province will extend the Provincial State of Emergency, though going further towards a full scale lockdown of the province and its communities, as some had anticipated for tonight,  still does not seem to be part of the Province's plan to date.

The Premier did note that what he and we have seen from around the world is unsettling and scary,

But Mr. Horgan also offered hope that the steps being taken in this province will help carry British Columbians through the crisis thanks to the strength of the people and their communities.

"We are in this together, people from every corner of the province, in every region. Tonight I'm asking you to re-commit,  re-commit to our health care workers and to each other. Do your part, stay home, stay safe and we'll bend this curve together"

You can review the full speech below:

Some background notes to the Premier's address can be reviewed here.

You can retrace many of the steps taken to date in the province from our archive page here.

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