Monday, March 23, 2020

City's Rushbrook Trail system closed to the Public

The Rushbrook Trail has been closed to use by the public

Following the City of Prince Rupert's closure of Parks, Playgrounds and SD52 play areas over the weekend, the Rushbrook Trail was also closed, the City deferring to Kaien Trails to make that announcement.

In a message to Trail Users, Kaien Trails noted how the City's advisory applied to the popular trail that takes residents along the Prince Rupert waterfront from Rushbrook Floats to the Seal Cove area.

To this point the Rushbrook Trail is the only one of the area trails which has been publicly identified as closed.

You can find more information on Kaien Trails from the Facebook page and website.

For more notes on advisories from local government and organizations see our archive page here.

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