Friday, March 27, 2020

Despite advice from Municipalities, British Columbians continue to create Fatbergs in civic sewage lines

Despite advisories against the practice, it seems that as British Columbians settle in for their more home based lifestyles, they are forgetting that not everything can be flushed out of the home and into the sewer systems.

A number of communities are keeping watch on their sewers and finding that items such as disinfectant wipes and other items that do not break down are beginning to become more common, something that they warn will only lead to trouble if residents continue with the practice.

The accumulated debris that gets flushed eventually forms what is colourfully described as Fatbergs which clog sewer pipes and treatment plants in those communities which have them.

The advice from most engineering departments across the province is simple, other than the byproduct of your daily constitutional, the only thing that should be flushed down the toilet, is toilet paper ...

The City of Prince Rupert was well ahead of the warnings as the COVID-19 response began, posting a message through their information streams to remind residents of the need to take the correct measures in their own homes.

The Background notes from their March 18th advisory can be reviewed here.

The City also has an instructional video posted to their YouTube archive which you can view below:

For more notes on Civic notes as part of the COVID-19 response see our archive here.

Further items of note on City Council themes can be reviewed on our Council Discussion archive.

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