Sunday, March 22, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending March 23, 2020

As British Columbia entered a significantly different phase of its approach to COVID-19, the news at times came in a rush of helpful information, sometimes mixed with more than a bit of the unknown for what may lay ahead.

For Prince Rupert, one of the first major signs that things are rapidly in flux, was the suspension of Air Service to the Digby Island Airport through the month of April, that as Air Canada, reduced its domestic schedule and brought a pause to flights in Prince Rupert, Smithers and Haida Gwaii, leaving the Terrace airport as the only one in the Northwest to remain in operation as of April 1st.

The week also brought some new information from Northern Health which relayed news of an Online Clinic and information stream to go along with the growing range of material made available by the Province and the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain made his Facebook page the focus for much of his attention, relaying some of the city's information through that portal as well as to provide his own themes for those who follow his page to take in during the week.

And with the situation evolving as it has and much still unknown towards the future, we provided for a short thirty second break from reality for the end of the day for much of the week, with some visuals of the Prince Rupert area.

However, the most read story of the week, brought a change to the transportation sector in the Northwest, as Air Canada made some major announcements related to air travel in the region.

Air Canada Service out of Digby Island Airport to be suspended through to May -- Prince Rupert received the first indication of how life is about to change with the arrival of COVID-19 in BC, with Air Canada suspending much of its flight schedule in the Northwest with the exception of Terrace. With the suspension came some changes to the service of the Airport Ferry and airport operations.   (posted  March 19 , 2020)

That article was followed by:

Northern Health introduces COVID-19  online Clinic and Info line -- As the week began, Prince Rupert residents and those around BC were already making use of a new online clinic hosted by Northern Health   (posted March  15 2020  )

Mayor Brain provides local update on COVID-19 situation -- For much of the week, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain used his Facebook page to provide updates and lists of information towards the local and provincial response to the situation.    (posted  March 18  , 2020)

Mayor's Friday Night Facebooking stokes as much anxiety, as it offers reassurance --While most of the Mayor's social media outings provided for helpful guidance, the tone of his Friday evening update seemed to miss the mark a bit; providing for few details on the evolving situation in the city and making for a range of opinions that suggested some rising anxiety for some in the community.    (posted March  21 , 2020)

A brief moment of North Coast Zen -- With a week of many unknowns, we offered up some short vignettes of the community for much of the week towards the end of each afternoon, providing a short break from the ongoing updates and news.   (posted March 17 , 2020 )

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