Friday, March 27, 2020

City down to one bylaw officer?

In among last night's facebook messaging to the public from the Mayor was a bit of a throw away line that actually seems to be a topic that the City Council may want to address and update the public on.

That of the advisory from Mr. Brain that the city is apparently now back down to just one bylaw officer, someone that it seems the City doesn't seem too keen to share with the province as part of the Provincial State of Emergency.

"They also suggested that our 1 bylaw officer should go enforce their provincial orders...

Putting aside Mayor Brain's rhetoric on the sharing, or not of the bylaw officer, the actual question for City Council should be:

What happened to the second officer and maybe an idea if they plan on filling the vacancy?

So far, the city's career page does not seem to be soliciting any applications for the position.

The quest for adding to the City Bylaw office and the tasks that are performed has been an ongoing theme one which at times takes a meandering path.

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Should they have anything to offer up to the public they could discuss it in public at a council session, or maybe through the new civic governance model we seem to have in place these days on Facebook.

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  1. The mayor was bitching he is expected to enforce the provincial orders with only one bylaw officer. How was he going to enforce Prince Rupert’s emergency declaration orders. It would of been with the same one bylaw officer. Some of his statements on the provincial order don’t cut it.

    Why would he not come out and condemn any skiers using Shames mountain. I am sure some are from Rupert.

    If the emergency declaration is void should it not be removed from the mayor’s Facebook page. If it is his personal facebook page please remove the word mayor from title.

    Facebook does not allow false information about the virus on it’s webpages. The emergency declaration now fits the bill as false information