Tuesday, March 31, 2020

MLA Rice taking local lead on response for housing issues for homeless

In a short post to her Facebook feed this afternoon, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice has outlined that finding a solution towards the issues of the homeless at this time has become one of her top priorities.

City Hall has offered up little towards the topic for the most part of late, and Mayor Lee Brain last week further directed any more community discussion on a range of issues to the MLA's  office.

As well, even if they were inclined to share a few thoughts on the situation, any opportunity for Council to engage in a dialogue, won't be part of any public discussion for the near term, with Council having cancelled their next public session yesterday.

Ms. Rice, notes that in recent days there have been many people in the community raising their concerns for the city's most vulnerable residents with her;  in her update she highlights that she is currently working with the local North Coast Transition Society, BC Housing and the Minister of Housing Selina Robinson towards some solutions.

The North Coast Transition Society has become Prince Rupert's front line responders for the homeless in recent years; operating a number of supportive and shelter housing in the community and they continue to be among the strongest advocates in the city for those in the most need.

The immediate concern is the need for the homeless to physically separate and self isolate if required.

The current homeless shelter, which was already a cramped location at the best of times, is not capable of providing for the requirements during the COVID-19 situation at this time, the post of today does not indicate as to when any announcement may be forthcoming towards a measure to address come of the concerns at the moment.

For more notes on the work of the MLA at the Legislature see our archive page here.

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  1. There really hasn't been any 'dialogue' at public council meetings for a long time. Decisions appear to be rubber-stamped in the public meetings, which only takes a few minutes, as your coverage has often noted. It's hard to say where, when and how this mayor and council makes decisions, or how involved the councillors really are.