Friday, March 27, 2020

Coast Mountain College does inventory of materials for COVID-19 response

In their most recent update for students and staff at Coast Mountain College, the northwest educations facility with campus locations spread across the region highlighted the work that they are doing towards helping the communities they serve with a COVID-19 response.

In Terrace, campus officials conducted an inventory of medical supplies and provided for 10 sets of medical scrubs to Northern Health for use in Terrace for infection prevention and control training.

“We are very pleased to be able to work with Northern Health and our local governments in these exceptional times to assist where we can to provide required medical supplies, equipment and facilities.  I’m proud our staff and faculty have been more than happy to help however we can.” -- President Justin Kohlman

The college is also conducting an inventory of supplies at all of their campuses, including the Prince Rupert campus to be made available for the response effort if required.

This was also the first week for the distributed learning process at all college campuses, the distance learning model was put in place after the college temporarily suspended classes on March 17th, they announced their distributed learning model on March 23.

In an email, Sarah Zimmerman, the Executive Director of Communications for Coast Community College, observed that things went smoothly for the first week for the new approach to learning, though they expect a few hiccups along the way.

She also offered up a glimpse as to how the process works.

Coast Mountain College really emphasized the importance of instructors communicating directly with their students to provide information about what distributed learning process each class would be moving to. 

With such a wide range of programming, solutions are really varied. We have a trades instructor using Zoom to reach out to his class. 

We have instructors connecting with students through blended models including videoconferencing, email, or our internal learning platform called Brightspace.

Our instructors have been innovative, responsive and really invested in ensuring they do the best they can with their students in these unprecedented times. It has been really heartwarming.

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