Saturday, March 21, 2020

Mayor's Friday night Facebooking stokes as much anxiety, as it offers reassurance

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain provided for the latest of his ongoing updates through the Social media platform of Facebook on Friday night, a missive that has floated the prospect of the City issuing a Local State of Emergency, though he did not explain exactly what that might mean for residents of the city.

The short post observed that the City has received numerous letters from the Prince Rupert Physicians Group which apparently has urged the City to take that step of Local Emergency, however the Mayor did not share with the public what concerns the local doctor's had expressed as part of their correspondences.

Mr. Brain also observed how the City has been contemplating such an action as the use of Emergency measures over the last two days and continues to work closely with health care professionals on the best course of action.

A meeting of emergency stakeholders is planned for this weekend to discuss what it all may mean for the community, with the Mayor noting that such an action would dramatically change the city's powers in order to respond to the local situation.

The nature of the Mayor's post however, lacking in any details such as what has spurred the sudden acceleration to consider such measures, or what a Local State of Emergency would bring to day to day life in the community, seems to have left more than a few of his readers in a higher state of anxiety.

Themes that you can review from the comments segment of the Mayor's Friday night statement.

That is something that certainly has added more to the rumour mill not only on the Mayor's Facebook page but in town as well, where there is little in the way factual information to back up some of the more concerning theories.

Hopefully, once they have made their decisions over this weekend, the Mayor and his Council membership will provide for full details on the concerns of the medical community and then provide for a roll out of basic information as to the plan ahead.

An announcement that doesn't leave so many unanswered questions  and add to anxiety levels in a community that is already it seems on edge.

If they are looking for a guidepost as to how to provide for a measured and helpful stream of information, they need only look as far as the last briefing from the Public Health Officer of BC, Doctor Bonnie Henry, who doesn't seem to spend much time on Social Media and instead offers up one briefing a day, providing for factual information and guidance for the province.

Further notes on a range of local advisories can be explored here.

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