Friday, September 18, 2020

New Pavement, brings new Paint around Prince Rupert as municipal road work for the season nears a close

City crews putting curbing into place this week at 
the corner of Fulton and 6th West as the summer work project
comes to an end with a temporary pave

The City's Summer paving job has seemingly come to an end, the to do list assigned to C and C Road Maintenance from Kitimat we imagine taken care of, despite some horrendous weather for the task of paving.

Though how the paving project turned out did not make for any discussion at this months only Council session, with the salute to the summer work missing from the fourteen minute exercise of Municipal government on Monday night.

The City councillors keeping their discussion points few as it was, there seemingly was no interest in providing an update for the public as to how the paving went and if Council was pleased with the work of the out of town contractor under challenging conditions.

The topic of the paving work did have one appreciative councillor in August, with Councillor Wade Niesh making note of the progress through to that point of the work.

Also wrapping up it appears is the temporary fix to the Fulton Street intersection at Sixth Avenue West, which as we outlined earlier this month saw the City dig up much of the road infrastructure only to discover a range of larger issues that will need to be addressed in the future.

With that discovery, the city chose to wrap up the work for the summer and put down a coat of pavement of their own to provide for a less challenging passage into the fall and winter months.

A new School year means new paint on new pavement

The recent patch of nice weather also brought another out of town firm to the city, with Yellowhead Road marking from Prince George once again back in Prince Rupert.

Their crews were working to put down line markings and refresh all the school zones of the community over the last few days.

You can review more of the notes on the city's attention to infrastructure from our archive page here.

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