Tuesday, September 1, 2020

In Praise of Pavement! Prince Rupert City councillor Wade Niesh salutes work of summer paving contractor

Fresh asphalt on Stiles Place downtown, the work in that section of town
was completed late last week by C and C Road Maintenance of Kitimat

Noting that the August weather had not been the best for those on the paving crew working the city's summer paving project. Prince Rupert City Councillor Wade Niesh made note of the work of Contractors C and C Road Maintenance of Kitimat, offering up his impressions on the paving so far at last Monday's City Council session

"I just wanted to make a comment on the paving that's been going on in town, unfortunately weather has not been on their side but when they have been able to get out there and pave the company doing the paving I feel has done a very good job of getting the work done and also doing a great job of the quality of the work. So I just wanted to give them kudos for putting forward some good quality work, because everybody appreciates a nice smooth road without dips"

Councillor Niesh wasn't the only one to comment on the paving work last week, with Councillor Cunningham offering up some quality control observations, drawing attention to some finishing work required around manhole covers from the recently completed areas of paving.

Paving equipment that is being staged near Roosevelt Park School, 
near the Summit Circle intersection which is in dire need of attention and 
offers more than a few challenges for motorists

The 2020 City paving contract was awarded to the Kitimat firm back in June, though it was a decision not universally endorsed by Council membership at the time

The decision to go with the out of town bidder, came down to the savings to be found after the contract competition had come to an end.

The company arrived in town in late July to address a range of troublesome areas of the city where the road infrastructure was in need of some new blacktop.

There was no indication from City Council on Monday evening, if the project has remained on schedule and how much longer the paving program will continue into September.

While they have been here, the Kitimat firm has also been taking on some local paving work, with a number of residents of the city taking advantage of their arrival to get their own paving requirements taken care of.

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