Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Latest data from BC CDC shows 3 cases of COVID recorded in Prince Rupert area as of August 31

While there's little in the way of background and no health alerts of note, COVID has been recorded in Prince Rupert, the data from the most recent Local Health Authority updates indicating that 3 cases of the coronavirus were noted for the city area since the last update of July.

There is no further detail related to the results which were compiled as of August 31st and made note of cumulative numbers by location of virus since COVID-19 first arrived in the province.

From the data review, Haida Gwaii's large community outbreak of the summer continues to dominate the overall findings with 26 recorded cases,Terrace is next with eight cases, Smithers region has 6 Kitimat 4, Nechako 3 and the Bella Coola Valley 3, the Nisga'a region had recorded one case of COVID as of the end of last month.

Those numbers will most likely change following some significant incidents in recent weeks in the Northwest region.

The BC CCD Data page provides a wide range of material on COVID and the provincial response to the virus. The data related to Health Service Delivery areas is updated weekly, with the information for Local Health Authority locations updated by the month.

The next look at the state of COVID reports from Prince Rupert will come later this month.

Access the most current BC CCD data here.

Our look at the Daily updates from Doctor Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix can be explored further here.


  1. What is the population of this Prince Rupert Health Area? Anyone know? That is of interest because then we could figure out per capita numbers. Thank you.

  2. Well looking a little deeper into the map, it seems to indicate an area including Prince Rupert, Port Edward and Area First Nations so probably in the neighbourhood of 15,000 or so I imagine