Friday, September 25, 2020

Monday Tax Sale brings limited access to city staff for morning

The City of Prince Rupert hosts its annual Tax Sale for Delinquent taxes on property on Monday, which as we outlined last week will take place at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre Auditorium as part of the City's COVID-19 measures.

The Sale is set for 10 AM on Monday, with participation limited to only 45 members of the public as part of the civic plan on COVID.

As well in a notice posted to the city's website today, access to civic staff will be limited in the morning starting at 10:30 AM until 1 PM.

During that period, the Customer Service area at City Hall will be reserved for those making payments on the properties that are sold at the Tax Sale, residents are advised that delays with staff on other business can be anticipated.

As of 2 PM today, the city has only five properties listed as remaining available, the original list had noted that twelve properties were previously up for the Tax Sale Auction, however it appears that the delinquent taxes on those properties have now been paid.

You can learn more about Monday's Tax Sale here.

For more notes related to the City see our our Council Discussion archive page here.

The District of Port Edward is also hosting its Tax Sale on the same, it takes place at the District offices starting at 10AM,

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