Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Nominations announced for November Nisga'a Election

Residents of the Nisga'a Nation will head to the polls on November 4th, with a range of choices to make when it comes to leadership and regional office holders for the Nisga'a Lisims Government.

Yesterday, the full list of those looking to seek office was released, with five candidates seeking the Presidency of the Nation, a vote which will see current President Eva Clayton facing a challenge from four other nominees.

There are a number of other office holders to be elected as well during the November election, with positions including Secretary-Treasurer and Chairperson for Council or Elders part of the vote.

The villages of the Nisga'a Nation also will host campaigns for office this year, as well as those who represent Local representation in Nisga'a Urban areas.

For the North Coast, the local representative race for Prince Rupert/Port Edward will see three candidates on the ballot, with incumbents Clifford Morgan and Juanita Parnell facing a challenge from Farley Stewart, the North Coast sends two representatives to the NLG.

The other Urban areas include Terrace and Vancouver which also have two seats each available with large list of candidates seeking office.

You can review the full list of candidates for all positions here

Last week we took note of some controversy over the upcoming vote, with a number of Nisga'a residents signing a petition to suspend the election until next year, though with 547 names signed to date, to this point it does not appear that the petition organizers have had much success in having that suspension put in  place.

For more notes related to events in the Nass Valley and for the urban Nisga'a in the Prince Rupert area see our archive page here.

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