Sunday, September 27, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending September 27, 2020

Premier John Horgan put an end to the speculation this week, calling a provincial election for October 24th, a Monday morning announcement which signalled the start of what should be a most fascinating campaign across the Northwest.

Among a range of stories we provided on the theme of the election this week, our look at the nomination by the BC Liberals of Haida Hereditary Chief Roy Jones Junior found a strong audience.

Other items of note on the week included a number of City related themes, with Council set to move forward on a land disposition for Ninth and McBride.

Also capturing a large audience this week, was our look at a guest article on the Complete Streets for Prince Rupert website which explored Transportation themes tied into the current Official Community Plan overhaul.

Some data provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control delivered notice that COVID has been recorded in Prince Rupert, with three cases listed in the most recent report from the provincial agency.

And Prince Rupert's Harley Riders hit the road on Saturday and our account of their departure from the Salvation Army at Grenville Court was well received by readers.

However, when it came to the most read item of the last week, our review of the latest notice of plans for civic land in the community captured the most attention.

City set to close land deal, with plan of disposition of land located adjacent the Civic Centre -- Another land manoeuvre for the City of Prince Rupert, with a patch of land at Ninth Avenue West and McBride near the Civic Centre set to be turned over to the Prince Rupert area Jehovah Witnesses   (posted  September 25, 2020)

That article was followed by:

Roy Jones Junior named as BC Liberal candidate for North Coast -- Monday's election call by Premier John Horgan has seen BC's political parties scrambling to get candidates in place for the campaign for the October 24th vote. In the North Coast riding, the BC Liberals have nominated Haida Hereditary Chief Roy Jones Junior to try and take the seat from incumbent MLA Jennifer Rice. You can explore some of the latest notes on the campaigns so far across the Northwest from our archive page here.  (posted September 25, 2020)

Latest data from BC CDC shows 3 cases of COVID recorded in Prince Rupert area as of August 31 -- COVID has finally made its way to Prince Rupert, with the relay of information from the BC Centre for Disease Control which posted data from August that notes three cases recorded in the Prince Rupert area, a count that is still quite low compared to many other communities. (
posted  September 22, 2020 )

Sunshine greets Prince Rupert Harley Riders as 2020 Toy Run gets underway -- The 39th annual run of one of Prince Rupert's most popular fund raising events for the Salvation Army Christmas program took to the roads of the city on Saturday, with the Prince Rupert Harley Riders roaring out of Grenville Court at 1 PM on Saturday.  (posted September 26, 2020)

Transportation themes explored by Complete Streets for Prince Rupert as part of their ongoing engagement towards City's Official Plan -- While Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain was wrapping up his one-on-one Official Community Plan sessions with those who booked appointments, Complete Streets for Prince Rupert, the local group with hopes of a more vigorous Active Transportation program for the region provided some good background reading on the theme. Posting a guest article from VIU Masters program graduate Seamus McConville which explored the range of options towards Transportation options that are available.    (posted September 23, 2020)

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