Thursday, September 17, 2020

Council to review enforcement policies on containers in light industrial area

Next month City Council will discuss the plan forward on
regulations for shipping containers in light industrial areas

Councillor Wade Niesh is calling for a halt on any enforcement of current infractions of bylaws related to the use of containers in the light industrial areas, noting that with an Official Community Plan process underway, it might be best to wait to put in place a proper set of rules on the issue.

The Councillor brought the topic up as part of the short City Council meeting on Monday evening, asking for the break on bylaw enforcement to be considered until the OCP process is complete.

"I would like to put forward a notice of motion to stop enforcement of any infractions of containers in the light industrial areas, until we've an opportunity to finish the work we have done in years past and the work we are currently doing in our new OCP. And wait until we've got all this work done into our new OCP and then we can come up a proper set of rules in regards to containers in light industrial areas" -- Councillor Wade Niesh

Containers in the Yellowhead Industrial area  of Prince Rupert

The topic of the growing reliance on the large shipping containers as additional storage has been an occasional topic of discussion for City Council, often heating up whenever some of the giant metal cans arrive in a residential area.

The issue was a hot topic around the Council chamber four years ago, when Council put in place additional measures related to presence of shipping containers in the residential sections of the city.

There hasn't however been much public discussion on the theme in recent years.

Towards the motion from the Councillor, Monday night Mayor Lee Brain suggested that a motion be put in place for the next Council session for the members to discuss and consider.

You can review Mr. Niesh's talking points from the City's Video Archive starting at the thirteen minute mark.

For more notes related to Monday's Council session see our Council Timeline here.

A wider overview of past Council discussion themes can be explored here.

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