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Weather Related Events 2020 Archive

Our Archive of items of interest on Weather Related events on the North Coast

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December 2 -- With sunshine and thirteen degrees, Rupertites take advantage of the lull before the storms  NCR
December 1-- Storm Warning for area waters makes for BC Ferries sailing cancellation to and from Haida Gwaii NCR



October 26 -- Special Weather Statement issued for Prince Rupert/North Coast  NCR


September 1 -- We Welcome September, even if it is starting off the same as a very, very wet August  NCR


August 14 -- Marine Warnings in effect as North Coast braces for extensive rainfall NCR
August 13 --  Rainfall warning issued for Prince Rupert area, with large volume of precipitation anticipated until Saturday night  NCR


March 4 -- Wind Warning issued for Prince Rupert, with prospect of winds of 100 km/h by midnight NCR


February 3 -- Snowfall Warning in place for North Coast Inland region  NCR
February 3 -- Interior BC weather events make for Internet headaches for Northwest  NCR


January 31 -- Keep your snow shovel close by, you may need it this weekend in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 31 -- With adverse weather anticipated, BC Ferries revises sailing schedule for Northern Expedition  NCR
January 30 -- Thursday Windstorm leaves its mark on Prince Rupert  NCR
January 29 -- Environment Canada issues New Wind Warning for North Coast, Haida Gwaii NCR
January 27 -- Environment Canada issues WIND WARNING  for Prince Rupert/North Coast  NCR
January 27 -- With STORM WARNING in place, BC Ferries revises departure from Skidegate for Tuesday sailing  NCR
January 22 -- WIND WARNINGS issued for North Coast and Haida Gwaii  NCR
January 20 -- Winter Weather Warning in place for Northwest Inland areas  NCR
January 18 -- Wind Warning swapped in, Arctic Outflow Warning now Out for Prince Rupert  NCR
January 17 -- Almost out of the Deep Freeze, but still some weather woes ahead for weekend. That as Terrace/Kitimat face a Blizzard Warning  NCR
January 17 -- Prince Rupert's coldest of Days bring some warm comfort for Mariners from the Lions Club  NCR
January 15 -- Prince Rupert's Third Avenue West Shelter revises hours in face of cold temperatures NCR
January 14 -- Province wide cold snap leads to record-breaking electricity demand NCR
January 13 -- BC Hydro urging customers across Haida Gwaii to conserve energy during cold period  NCR
January 12 -- Extreme Cold temperatures, wind and icy conditions suspend skiing at Shames and Hudson Bay Mountain  NCR
January 11 -- Temperatures to plummet across Northern BC
January 11 -- Frigid conditions to sweep across the North and Central Coasts
January 11 -- Here Comes the Cold! Environment Canada issues Arctic Outflow Warning for North Coast  NCR
January 10 -- Avalanche Dangers in the Northwest  (video)
January 10 -- Backcountry Avalanche danger increases thanks to latest snowstorm
January 10 -- Snow continues in North Coast Inland areas (video)
January 10 -- Heavy Snow causes transportation troubles, school bus cancellations
January 10 -- School bus runs cancelled in Kitimat due to snowstorm
January 10 -- School buses run cancelled in Terrace and Thornhill due to snowstorm
January 10 -- Snowfall warning in effect for Terrace, Kitimat areas
January 9 -- Prince Rupert issues snow and ice removal notice for residents and businesses (video)
January 9 -- High winds and adverse weather lead to ferry delays for North Coast
January 9 -- Wind Warning for Haida Gwaii
January 9 -- Snowfall warning issued for Terrace, Kitimat, Bulkley Valley and Lakes District
January 9 -- With approaching storm, BC Ferries revises schedule for Prince Rupert to Skidegate run  NCR
January 9 -- Wind Warning issued for Prince Rupert - North Coast - Haida Gwaii NCR
January 9 -- City delivers snow and Ice removal reminder for residents  NCR
January 9 -- Just a bit more shovelling Prince Rupert before you rest ... Weather advisories issued for those heading eastbound  NCR
January 7 -- Avalanche control work taking place near Stewart
January 7 -- Terrace and Kitimat resurface from snowstorm weekend
January 3 -- Travel Advisory Issued for Highway 16 & 37 South between Terrace and Kitimat  NCR
January 3 -- Travel Advisory issued for Terrace area
January 3 -- Northwest hit by Winter Storm (video)
January 3 -- Snowfall warning still in effect in the Bulkley Valley
January 3 -- Snow, Road conditions force suspension of bus service in Kitimat
January 3 -- Mother Nature has started off the year with a bang!
January 3 -- Limited visibility on Highway 16 and cancelled flights in Terrace, snow Storm warning
January 3 -- First Winter Storm of new decade hits Northwest BC
January 3 -- Limited visibility, slippery sections on highways, flights cancelled
January 3 -- Rain for Prince Rupert but it's a Winter Storm Warning in effect for Terrace/Kitimat and Smithers regions  NCR
January 2 -- Avalanche Canada forecasting dangerous conditions in the alpine and treeline areas
January 2 -- Snowfall warning in effect for Bulkley Valley and Lakes District
January 2 -- Snowfall warning issued for Bulkley Valley
January 2 -- Bundle up this weekend - it's going to be cold and wet
January 2 -- Weather rings in the New Year, with flurries for Prince Rupert, heavy snow for points inland  NCR

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