Friday, October 30, 2020

Some Nasty weather may be brewin' up for Prince Rupert's Trick or Treaters

A Pacific weather system is forming up offshore and will
be joining trick or treaters in Prince Rupert for what could
make for a very wet Halloween evening in the city

Wicked weather seemingly is this way coming for the goblins, ghouls and witches of the North  Coast.

Enjoy the sunshine that is currently bathing the North Coast while it lasts; for a nasty weather maker could be heading our way and for one weather service it has Halloween Evening right in the centre of a very rainy weather window.

Currently there are no Alerts or Warnings for the weekend issued from Environment Canada which seems a tad more optimistic than its competitors ...

But a sneak peek at the Weather Network's forecast for the Weekend indicates a very, very, very Wet period of time is on the way through to Monday.

The Weather Network offers up
a rainy forecast for trick or treaters

If the Weather Network's Math proves right, Prince Rupert and the North Coast in a worst case scenario could see up to 165 mm of Rain by Monday afternoon, a large portion of it set for Saturday and into Sunday morning.

The Full forecast for the weekend and week ahead from Environment Canada suggests perhaps a more optimistic rainfall amount for trick or treaters on Saturday evening, you can be review their observations and access updates from their website .

For more notes on Weather events for the region see our archive page here.

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