Friday, October 16, 2020

British Columbia Centre for Disease Control issues COVID alert over recent Terrace-Vancouver flight

Travellers aboard an Air Canada flight which originated
from the Terrace Airport on October 8th have
been advised of  a COVID-19 report from that flight

Travellers aboard an October 8th flight between Terrace and Vancouver may wish to explore the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control website today, with the provincial agency issuing an alert related to a possible COVID-19 exposure.

The flight in the Northwest spotlight was Air Canada Jazz Flight 8241 on the eighth of October which originated in Terrace destined for Vancouver, the rows of note from the BC CDC are 13-17.

On their website page, the BC CDC notes that when it comes to their Flight Alerts, Where information on affected rows is available, passengers seated in these rows should be considered to be at higher risk of exposure due to their proximity to the case.  

It's not the first time that the BC CDC has issued an alert over a flight into the northwest, back in March a flight between Terrace and Vancouver had also been flagged.

So far, there have been no alerts required for flight operations between Prince Rupert and Vancouver, there is a however a significant number of North Coast travellers who do take advantage of the wider option of flights found in Terrace.

More notes related to COVID-19 measures in British Columbia can be explored from our COVID-19 archive page here.

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