Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sloan/Omenica Area residents watchful for bear following latest sighting

One of a number of photos
currently circulating on
Facebook of a bear in the 
Sloan/Omenica area

Social Media surged with bear reports today as residents of the Sloan Avenue area provided updates on the wandering ways of a Bear that has been seen around the area in recent weeks.

Photos posted this morning show the bear on a back deck of the west side neighbourhood making quick work of  garbage, which of late appears to be the bears main diet.

As we noted earlier this month, the BC Conservation Service has placed bear traps in the area in hopes of catching their subject of interest, but clearly the bear has had other plans in mind of late.

The city posted some advice to their Facebook page at mid month to remind residents of some of the measures that they can put in place to reduce attractants for bears.

The BC Conservation Service Office has been advised of the latest sightings, so far there has been no advisory noted by the City in relation to the current travels of the troublesome bear.

Bear encounters continue to be reported
from the Sloan/Omineca area of the city

Update: Just before 2PM today, the City provided a short update for the public on the theme of the bear sightings, reprising their previous advice on garbage and other attractants.

For more notes on the work of Emergency Service providers in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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