Thursday, October 15, 2020

Nass Valley Police incident to be investigated by IIO and BC Coroner's Office

The Independent Investigations Office has been called to review an incident which resulted in the death of a male in the Nass Valley on Tuesday evening.

In an update on the case file, the Lisims/Nass Valley RCMP outlined the nature of a call for Service from Tuesday evening, which began with a report of a stabbing in New Aiyansh.

Just before 8 p.m. on October 13,2020, frontline officers of the Nass Valley RCMP were called to the 4300-block of Monroe Street in New Aiyansh for a report that a man had stabbed another man, who was known to him. 

When officers arrived the victim of the stabbing had already been transported to a local area medical clinic for treatment, and the suspect was being calmed by neighbours. Prior to officers being able to take the man into custody, the man allegedly harmed himself with a weapon. 

In an effort to take the man into custody, an officer deployed a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW, more commonly referred to as a taser) and a struggle ensued. 

The man was taken into custody with assistance from several civilians. He was placed in the police vehicle for transport to the local health clinic, as BC Emergency Health Services was not readily available. 

In their report, the RCMP advise that despite lifesaving efforts, the man subsequently died at the clinic.

A police incident at New Aiyansh in the Nass Valley 
will require the services of the Independent Investigations office

The IIO investigation will be to determine whether police actions were linked to the man's death, the BC Coroner's Office will conduct a concurrent investigation into the cause of the man's death.

Details on the case file from the RCMP notice can be reviewed here.

The focus for the Independent Investigations Office is outlined here.

Any further comment related to the incident will now be relayed through the IIO.

For more notes on events related to Northwest Emergency Responders see our archive page here.

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