Wednesday, October 28, 2020

CN outlines its winter plan for 2020-2021 ready to take on any challenges that winter may bring

Operating a railroad in a winter climate such as Canada's offers no shortage of challenges and requires a fair bit of planning to ensure that goods continue to move to and from the ports of British Columbia.

With memories of last year as a guideline  CN Rail has published its 2020-21 Winter Plan outlining the steps they will be taking to keep the transportation system in motion during the worst that winter may have to offer.

The document also explores how the railroad is adapting to the challenges of the COVID pandemic and how it has impacted on their operations and how the railway has answered that situation.

In a preview of the Report CN noted how its Winter Plan presents CN’s past and new investments and innovative operating measures in meeting growing customer demand across its network and in enabling the Company to increase its resilience and recoverability in cases of extreme operating conditions. 

With the national railway noting how investment in specific measures such as key infrastructure and equipment helps the Company safely and efficiently move more goods and minimize the impact of unpredictable weather. 

“We diligently prepare for winter by implementing specific measures to meet with its inevitable extreme conditions. There is no doubt in my mind that our ability to perform in these challenging times is largely a result of the record high strategic capital investments we are making in our infrastructure and of the resourcefulness of our railroaders.” - JJ Ruest, president and chief executive officer at CN.

As part of the review of their operational plans for the year ahead, CN made note of the 140 miles of double track that they put in place on CN"s maline, primarily in Western Canada which they note will assist in moving the flow of rail traffic to and from the two BC ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver.

The railway also highlights the increase in rail sidings in place, the purchase grain hopper cars and of new locomotives, as well as to how they will utilize the locomotives to ensure for safety and operational commitments.

Over the summer CN began a number of capital infrastructure programs across Northern British Columbia, they also have a number of local projects related to access to the Port of Prince Rupert currently underway or in the planning stages.

You can review the full 22 pages of the plan for yourself from the CN website.

More background on CN Rail operations across the Northwest can be explored from our archive page.

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