Thursday, October 15, 2020

With trap in place, City of Prince Rupert Posts Bear Advisory for the Omineca area

The city made use of
its mobile app today
for a bear advisory

With a Bear trap in place and British Columbia Conservation Service Officers already on the case, the City of Prince Rupert issued a Bear Advisory for residents of the Omineca Avenue area this morning.

The mid morning notes advising residents to be aware and reduce any potential attractants that may be in their yards and immediate area.

As we outlined yesterday, the Conservation Service had placed a bear trap near the now discontinued walkway  towards Mount Hays, that in hopes of snaring the wayward animal, which has been the star of a number of social media videos over the last few days.

BC Conservation Service Officers have placed a
Bear Trap in the Omenica area in response to recent
sightings on the west side

The advisory which was posted to both the City's Facebook page and their mobile alert app, also included some advice for residents, as well as a link to WildSafe BC and their guidelines for Bear encounters.

For more items of note on the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest see our archive page.

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