Monday, October 19, 2020

7.5 magnitude Alaska quake triggers Alaskan Tsunami warnings, any impact on BC to be determined

A signifiant seismic event off the Aleutian Islands in Western Alaska has seen a number of tsunami advisories issued, though so far any danger for Haida Gwaii or North Coast BC seems unlikely.

The quake which struck at 1:55 PM BC time, registered 7.4 on the richter scale with a depth of 25 miles , located 55 miles South east of Sand Point Alaska, which is 575 miles west of Alaska's largest city of Anchorage, it was later upgraded to a 7.5 mg event.

The first Tsunami warning was issued immediately after it was recorded and covers much of the southern main land mass for the state towards Anchorage.

Emergency Info BC has put out a correction for its first notice of the seismic event, with more details to follow, you can access those updates here.

Follow our blog item for any updates for the North Coast or Haida Gwaii.


2:35 PM -- Revised magnitude of event to 7.5 mg, second tsunami notice issued  (see here )

3:00 PM  -- Emergency Info BC notes impact if any on BC still to be determined

4:06 PM -- Fifth Tsunami notice issued indicates No Tsunami Threat for BC or other areas of West Coast of North America (see notice here)

Tsunami travel time contour map from the 
US National Tsunami Warning Centre

4:10 PM -- Emergency Info BC issues the All Clear for Coastal BC and Haida Gwaii

More notes on past seismic events can be reviewed here.

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