Friday, October 30, 2020

With COVID making its entry into Prince Rupert Schools, a timely moment for a School Board meeting arrives

COVID's not on the Agenda for the November 3
School Board session, though that could see  
some change by Tuesday

There may be a few additions to the Agenda for the November 3rd School District 52 Board meeting next week, that with the first confirmed report of a case of COVID for the District announced yesterday afternoon.

That advisory came shortly after the Board had issued its invitation to parents, guardians, staffers and anyone else who may be interested in School Board Business, with the District once again set to host  a public session by way of the Zoom platform.

As part of their notice of the meeting, they note that those interested in participating should contact Tamara Dickens to receive the Zoom link.

She can be reached at

The original purpose for the November 3rd session was seemingly that of the election of a Board Chair and other officers to positions for the 2020-21 School year.

However, one imagines that the Board may wish to address parents and guardians on the current COVID situation at École Roosevelt Park School, as well as to outline the range of COVID related protocols that they have in motion this school year.

The interest in the themes of COVID in the schools may also deliver one of the larger audiences that the Trustees have had in recent years, putting the Zoom process to a significant test perhaps.

To this point, the only information released by the School District has been yesterday's Covid Exposure announcement and a copy of the letter to parents of the school, the latter posted to the École Roosevelt Park website.

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