Thursday, October 29, 2020

October a busy month for volunteers of Oldfield Creek Hatchery

Volunteers collecting the broodstock
for the Oldfield Creek hatchery
last weekend

(from Oldfield Creek FB page)
It's the busy season at the Oldfield Creek Fish Hatchery, with a group of dedicated volunteers helping out last weekend to round up the COHO broodstock for the fall.

In a fascinating string of submissions to their Facebook page, the work of collecting the broodstock and then the taking of the milt and eggs, as well as the fertilization provides for one of the best tutorials on their work that there is.

The non profit organization has long been active in educating the public on all things salmon, outlining its mission statement of sorts as follows:

Increase salmon populations in local streams through science-based enhancement efforts • Increase community awareness of enhancement and stream stewardship 

Educate the community on salmon and their roles within ecosystems and the environment, as well as salmon stewardship through community involvement programs 

Increase tourism in Prince Rupert by offering tours of the facility

You can review the full presentation of photos and video from their Facebook page here.

Those looking to get involved in a career position with the Hatchery should check out this job opportunity for an Operations Manager.

The facility is located on Wantage Road across from  the City of Prince Rupert public works yard.

If you just wish to lend a hand as a volunteer  you can find out more about what the have to offer by giving them a call at 250-624-6733

For more notes on Community events see our archive page here.

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