Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Prince Rupert Port Authority puts wrap on its Land Use Update

The Prince Rupert Port Authority  is now prepared to look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that the next twenty years will bring, having brought its review of Land Use planning to and end, shifting now towards implementing their program for the years ahead.

After months of consultation from the community and area stakeholders, the Port is looking to move ahead with Mutually beneficial partnerships with local First Nations, municipalities, and the communities they represent. 

The focus for the implementation of the plan will be to look to ensure the port continues to grow as an engine for jobs and business opportunity, while continuing to reflect environmental and social values through safe, sustainable, and responsible land development. 

As part of their release today of the new document, Shaun Stevenson, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority provided a look at what the document means both for the Port and the community.

“The updated Land Use Plan will help guide the Prince Rupert Port Authority, ensuring we consider the long-term impact of our decisions to best support continued growth and diversification at our Port. The Plan reflects the feedback we have received from local First Nations, local governments, and residents, balancing environmental and community values while we work towards creating even greater economic and employment opportunities. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the process, which ultimately helped us make a strong Plan that will help us navigate our common future.”

The new Land Use plan is one which guides the Port's vision towards sustainable growth and is a regulatory requirement under the Canada Marine Act it was last updated in 2011.

In their introduction to the finished work, the PRPA observed the following key elements of their project.

The new Land Use Plan continues a commitment to emulate local Official Community Plans, and contains many new adaptations, features and commitments in response to feedback from local First Nations, government and residents. 

Several new land use designations were created to recognize a local desire to improve waterfront recreation, viewscape buffers, and habitat enhancement. PRPA also acted on its prior commitment to formalize an industrial moratorium in the Flora Bank marine area.

The shift south makes for much of the focus for the
Land Use Plan with future development marked
in the Ridley Island and points south of the current
Fairview Container Terminal

The timeline for implementation of measures charts a wide ranging collection of goals, from establishment of a Regional planning committee, frameworks for First Nations and Local Governments, options for greater access to Lelu and Stapledon islands and the creation of a new recreation/interpretive area near Ridley Island among the items listed for action.

Ken Veldman, the Vice President of Public Affairs and Sustainability provided a video introduction and preview of what those with an interest in the Port's future will find from the new Land Use document.

While the current review is now complete, the The Land Use Plan contains provisions for revisions and updates, and will be formally reviewed again in 2025. 

Some past notes on the recent consultation phase can be reviewed below:



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