Thursday, October 22, 2020

Third Avenue Work means detours along busy Downtown thoroughfare today

The Road is closed between 1st and 2nd Streets along Third
Avenue West as workers unload materials today

Some work taking place in the 200 Block of Third Avenue West is bringing curious bystanders and making for re routed traffic, with the busy downtown thoroughfare currently closed to traffic from the block stretching from the Old Totem Theatre to CityWest.

Flag personnel are stationed at each end of the road closures to help motorists and pedestrians navigate the active work site this morning.

A crane moves material from the flatdeck to the roof

The City of Prince Rupert outlined some of what's ahead yesterday and today with advisories for those travelling through the downtown area.

The work has served to stoke some of that famous Rupert Rumour mill as to what's up in the downtown core, with the City's own Facebook stream serving as one of the transmission sites for some of the speculation towards the work.

So far, the City hasn't indicated as to what the private property owner has planed for the area that is of much interest today.

The unsightly nature of the Totem Theatre has been one of the many buildings in the downtown core that has been of note for City Council of late, though it's not really clear if the work today is related in any way to that building.

More notes on those discussion points can be found from our Council archive page.

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  1. The city is failing to address a major safety concern/ liability at the site of the recent fire on 2nd and 6th street.
    The sidewalk is fenced off along second avenue with delineators placed outside fencing. Vehicles are parking along side of delineators forcing pedestrians to walk in traffic lane. This happens in early morning with people running to Timmy’s
    I fear someone is going to be hurt or god forbid killed. The city should take positive action now and clear sidewalk and road. The cost can be charged back to taxes. To wait for insurance company to step in might be months.