Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Jody Craven: Long Distance candidate, running long distance campaign as North Coast long shot

Kitimat's Jody Craven's
short biography is posted
to the BC Libertarian website
Considering his home is in the Kitimat area, the arrival of Jody Craven to the North Coast electoral race in September was certainly an eye catching moment, an election curiosity that perhaps foreshadowed what has been a curious campaign thus far for what is normally a quietly contested seat.

Though since filing his papers on the final day for nominations, there hasn't been much to take note of from the days that followed as to what he hopes to deliver for the residents should they mark enough X's to send him to Victoria on Saturday.

With no real apparent base of support in the area, and running for a party that at best is considered on the fringe of the BC political spectrum, the main impression of the Craven campaign to this point has been that of delivering messages, a format perfected in the Northwest by perennial Christian Heritage Party candidate and former CHP Leader Rod Taylor.

Mr. Craven. like Mr. Taylor has become somewhat of a rotisserie candidate of late, seeking office last in the Federal election campaign of 2019 in Skeena, first looking to secure his candidacy as a Conservative, a nomination that went to Claire Rattée at the time.

Undaunted, Mr. Craven then switched his ambitions over to the People's Party of Canada banner, the right of spectrum party created by former Conservative Max Bernier.

Like Sitkine MP Nathan Cullen, the call of the provincial scene seems to have caught the ear of Mr. Craven this time around; with the Kitimatian  now adopting BC Libertarianism as his latest political compass.

Since taking to his campaign, a lot of his commentary seems to be a hybrid of the Libertarian brand, mixed with many of the themes still popular with the People's Party.

And for the most part, not many of those talking points seem specifically designed to address the issues or concerns of note for those living on the North Coast. 

If he is holding onto some platform themes to share that may be relevant to  the region, the days are running short to introduce them to the voting public; or even to explain why he's running here and not in his actual home constituency of Kitimat.

Residents of Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii and the range of villages along the coast received a glimpse into his message during the two North  Coast election forums of earlier this month.

Gatherings where he on occasion he did find some local themes to comment towards, among them, housing, BC Ferries and the status of Prince Rupert's drinking water providing for the more memorable moments over those two nights.

However, the local campaign so far has largely been that of a megaphone for the wider in scope issues that the Libertarians and Mr. Craven have wished to put out there for consideration.

Much of what the candidate has offered up has come through his Social Media page of Facebook and a biography feature from the BC Libertarian Party's website, the candidate also gets a short mention on the BC Libertarian Party's Facebook page.

Over on his own Facebook portal, the bulk of the content has been more federal in nature of late, whether it be opinions on the approach Canada has taken on COVID, or the latest controversy over the WE scandal to name a few.

So far however, his information streams have offered up little in the way of actual mentions of Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii or other areas of the North Coast riding to give us much to evaluate when it comes to what he has to offer the region.

How he fares on Saturday may dictate what he does next as part of his passion for politics, but if the Provincial scene doesn't work out as planned, the rumblings out of Ottawa in recent days suggest a Federal campaign may be not too far off in the distance.

So if not successful this weekend it may not be the last we hear of Mr. Craven, that as the federal drama plays out.

For notes on the 2020 Provincial election see our archive page here.

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  1. He didn't run in Kitimat because he clearly didn't want to take right wing votes away from Ellis Ross. As for his tactics....He is just copying mine during my Kool aid man/Dan the bear runs. I set the standard and the locals just copy.