Sunday, October 18, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending October 18, 2020

Some municipal personal development topped our items of interest for the last seven days of blogging. 

With our notes on the academic success for City Manager Robert Long gaining a large audience, Mr. Long, who now can be addressed as Dr. Long, recently completed his PhD studies with Ohio's Antioch University.

The latest themes on COVID also found a large audience, as we reviewed some of the latest data on local case counts of the virus in the Northwest, with Prince Rupert listed by the BC CDC as having had only two cases recorded from January to August.

The city's water infrastructure plans have once again made for a bit of news, this time as Northern Health puts out a Request for Proposals towards some solutions to the water issues that have been noted for both Prince Rupert Regional Hospital and Acropolis Manor.

Another bear sighting, has brought the Terrace based Conservation Officer Service back to Prince Rupert, with its members putting out a bear trap in the Omenica area this week following a number or reports of a bear or bears wanderings through the city.

The growing concern over Housing in Prince Rupert also captured a large audience this week, as we reviewed how the North Coast candidates in the provincial election have approached the topic, as well as some recent comments from Mayor Brain on the theme.

However, when it came to the most read item of the last week, it was our look at an academic achievement for the City manager that topped the list of topics of note for our readers:

The Doctor is in ... at City Hall  -- Some hard work from four years of some extra curricular distance education by City Manager Robert Long has provided for a PhD for the City's top bureaucrat. With some of the Council members making note of the new title for 'Doctor Bob' in their most recent council session (posted  October 14, 2020)

That article was followed by:

As of September 30th, the latest stats from BC CDC note but two cases of COVID-19 recorded in Prince Rupert -- While the daily reports from across BC have recorded covid case counts of 150 or more at times, the story is a bit different on  he North Coast with Prince Rupert COVID reports showing just two cases reported from January to the end of August. (posted October 13, 2020)

Northern Health seeks to explore costs towards four solutions for water issues at local facilities  -- It would appear that Northern Health does not have a lot of confidence in the City of Prince Rupert solving its water woes in a short timeline, with the Health Authority putting out a Request for Proposals for solutions for their water concerns at Prince Rupert Regional hospital and Acropolis Manor (posted October 15 , 2020)

A trap is set ... and now they wait! BC Conservation Officer Service back in town following bear sightings --  Reports of a prowling bear from a number of areas of the city have made for a return to Prince Rupert for the BC Conservation Officer Service. As the bear or maybe bears, became a social media sensation around town, it took almost a week for the City to provide the first advisory for the community, putting their first notes on the topic out for review on Thursday. (posted October 14, 2020)

Housing issues make for provincial election theme, but solutions largely a local issue for City Hall  -- With the housing crunch in Prince Rupert seemingly becoming more pressing by each day, the topic has become a significant theme for both the candidates in the provincial election, as well as a recent talking point for Mayor Lee Brain.  (posted October 16, 2020)

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