Tuesday, October 20, 2020

SD52 outlines system in place for CHSS Cohort process in times of COVID

How the Cohort System is working at CHSS made for a 
theme at the October 13th SD52 Board Meeting

Those taking in the October School Board Zoom session from School District 52 officiasl received a bit of a tutorial as to how the school year is moving forwards at the city's secondary school, as CHSS administrators took viewers through the workings of the Octa timetable program.

CHSS Principal Carla Rourke, along with Vice-Principals Aja Lihou and James Zlatanov provided for the outline of the system that is in place as a response public health's directions on COVID.

This system provides for one class, all day long, for 5 and one-half weeks. 8 courses are taken over the course of the year. Small cohorts, combined with health screening, hand sanitizing and face masks in public areas, provide layers of protection for students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As well the CHSS team noted that classes have spent more time outdoors in the early days of the school year, with in class instruction also offering up some opportunities to work on larger projects than might be found in the past.

Board Chair James Horne noted how the students appear to be engaged in the process in place and are adapting to the challenging times.

“It is encouraging to hear positive feedback from students on the new Octa system. The Board could see from the faces of the students in the pictures and video that they are truly engaged in their learning. Thank you to the administrators and all school staff for their ongoing efforts to meet the needs of students during these challenging times.”

The School District has moved towards the Zoom meetings as a way of addressing social distancing measures through the COVID pandemic, though the main drawback to the process they have adopted is that there is no online archive to be shared for those who may have missed the opportunity to drop in to view.

One option that SD52 may wish to explore is to follow the lead of Prince Rupert City Council and post their Board meetings to You Tube, which allows for a full review of the proceedings and would provide for a permanent record of their gatherings and the topics covered.

Some notes on the October 13th Board meeting can be reviewed here.

Once they are finalized the minutes for the Regular Board meeting can be explored here.

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