Wednesday, October 21, 2020

UBCM reviews party platforms on key urban and rural issues

The provincial body which represents British Columbia's municipal governments has been doing some election research for the residents of the province, charting how the three major political parties in BC have addressed some key issues for municipal governments.

In an information release today, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities released the details to their review, making note of six areas that they put some focus on.

Among the themes were comparisons on Infrastructure Stimulus and Investment, Economic Diversification, Public Transit, Rural Connectivity, Opioid and Mental Health Crisis and Climate Action.

On infrastructure the UBCM is looking to preserve the infrastructure investment that is part of the current economic recovery plan and to ensure that is flow through to local governments continues.

On economic diversification  the UBCM is looking for continued cooperation in developing transition plans and long-term economic development strategies as part of a response to the changing resource sector of the province.

On the themes of Rural Connectivity, the UBCM is looking for progress on developing and expending on existing programs towards development of infrastructure.

Climate Action themes seem to have attracted the largest volume of content from all three parties, their platforms expanding on the UBCM's recommendations for new pathways of action for buildings, transportation, solid waste, resilience, governance and social mobilization.

You can review their full overview here.

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