Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Live from Prince Rupert ... It's Kitimat City Council!

A technical glitch gave Prince Rupert residents an 
opportunity to see how their City Council works compared
to the one from Kitimat; with Mayor Phil Germuth
and his team getting some prime time in Rupert Monday

With the City of Prince Rupert having put some guidelines in place towards public attendance at City Council sessions, those with an interest in following municipal government have relied on the live stream broadcasts of the City Council gatherings whether they be the once a month sessions of the summer, or the more accelerated pace of work of the fall and the twice a month meetings.

Last night had the second City Council session for October on the agenda and as the 7PM start time arrived the screen came life with Mayor Lee Brain providing for the opening introduction to the night followed shortly by what quickly became an invasion of Kitimatians.

In what the City has described as a technical glitch, residents of Prince Rupert suddenly were following the work of the Kitimat Council, which had launched their own Council session at the same time, with Mayor Phil Germuth taking a larger audience than perhaps expected through the paces of government Kitimat style.

The Kitimat feed would dip in and out for much of the evening, with an occasional glimpse for Rupert residents of the excitement down at Prince Rupert City Hall. 

Moments which seemed to feature an energetic exchange of ideas between the Mayor and delegates from the Kootenay area over BC Housing plans, though the glimpse was so brief that no real sense of the discussion themes could be enjoyed.

The City ran up the while flag on its Monday night broadcast sometime towards 7:20 or so, with a short message posted to the Civic Facebook page.

The Kitimat broadcast continued on the city's website until shortly after 8PM, when it all faded to black, leaving those who had followed the Kitimat themes left hanging as to some of the key themes of the night from the Aluminum city.

For those that invested their time and interest, you can learn more about the Kitimat Policing report and other themes from the Kitimat meeting when their video is posted to their website here.

Should the City of Prince Rupert be able to salvage the video of the events from Monday's City Council session, we can learn more about how they tackled their agenda for the night from the City's Video Archive page on You Tube here.

For more notes on City Council themes see our Council Discussion archive here.

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