Thursday, October 29, 2020

City of Prince Rupert issues Masks order for all Public Indoor Civic operated Facilities

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City of Prince Rupert 
The City of Prince Rupert has issued a local order that has put in place a requirement that masks must be worn in all public indoor-City operated facilities.

The advisory went out through all of the City's information streams just before 5PM on Thursday.

Among some of the key elements of the Civic advisory

"Face Mask Requirement Wearing a face mask is an additional measure we can take to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and keep one another safe. 

This means that, with some exceptions, all individuals entering a City-operated building are required to wear a face mask while inside, while accessing programs/services, and conducting business or providing services while in the building. An individual’s face mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin without gapping. Face shields alone are not acceptable. 

Please note that wearing a mask should be done to compliment other recommended safety measures such as physical distancing, regular hand washing, staying home when feeling unwell and all other COVID-19 health guidelines. 

Even while wearing a mask, these important steps should be taken, and every effort should be made to maintain a 2 meter (6 foot) distance from others, and any/all other safety protocols implemented in City-operated buildings must also still be followed."

The full mandatory measure can be reviewed here.

The City's move on masks comes following the confirmation of a positive case of COVID from School District 52 which outlined the background to the case from École Roosevelt Park earlier today.

You can review more on the City's measures from the following resources:

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A wider overview of the province's measures on COVID can be found here.

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