Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A trap is set ... and now they wait! BC Conservation Officer Service back in town following bear sightings

The BC Conservation Officer Service has been working
in the Omenica/Sloan area of the city this week as they
chase down some bear sightings in the community

Following a weekend of reports and videos on social media of a wandering bear, one which at times made it as far as the downtown core, the BC Conservation Officer Service is back in the city. 

And in response to the recent sighting a member of the service has put a bear trap in place on the west side of Prince Rupert this week.

The focus for the moment appears to be set for the Omineca area of the city, with residents of that area on watch for any unusual activity or sightings.

So far, the City of Prince Rupert has not provided for any official public guidance, or issued any alerts on the latest of bear sightings. 

The accounts of which began before Thanksgiving and included a now much shared video of a bear exploring one of the city's downtown dining options at the Pavilion Restaurant near the Rupert Square Mall.

Since those travels took place, the City has relayed any information on the reports for the public through the Prince Rupert civic website, social media streams or the mobile app, which is supposed to be used for important and timely notifications.

A recent bear sighting from mid September ended with the shooting of the bear in question at the time by members of the RCMP, that after it had wandered through the McKay/Kootenay area and made it's way further east to the 6th and McBride area.

Following that incident, the city posted a reminder to its social media page, providing some notes related to precautions for residents to take to reduce the risk of engagement with wildlife.

The BC Conservation Officer Service is currently keeping a low profile on social media as a result of the election call, however they do offer up some helpful notes for residents on Bear awareness on their website

And should you have an encounter with any wildlife you are asked to call their report line.

The number to call to make a human-wildlife encounter report is 1-877-952-RAPP on a cellular phone call #7277

For more notes related to the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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