Friday, October 2, 2020

Jody Craven makes it three for the Legislature quest on the North Coast

Jody Craven is back to the political beat this
week, signing on Friday to contest the
North Coast 
riding in the October 24th election
(photo from his 2019 Federal campaign
for the People's Party of Canada

Friday's 1 PM nomination deadline delivered a surprise for potential North Coast voters, with Jody Craven, the Kitimat resident who last made a run for federal office with the People's Party of Canada in the last Federal election of 2019, arriving in Prince Rupert to submit his nomination papers today.

It's not really clear why Mr. Craven made the shift west to the North Coast, with a lively campaign underway in his home constituency of Skeena, but he will certainly add to the discussion as the 2020 election shifts into the serious politicking next week.

Mr. Craven has chosen the Libertarian banner for his run in the provincial election, marking his third political shift in the last few years. 

Prior to the provincial quest, Mr. Craven had staked his political philosophy to the Conservative Party and then to Maxime Bernier's People's Party of Canada.

A tip off to his plans for today came on Thursday it seems with a social media post that noted his arrival in Prince Rupert, though he kept his purpose of journey somewhat close to the vest.

While North Coast voters await more information on his campaign themes and how  he will work to address concerns of the residents of this region should he be elected, the candidate will have some prep work to take care of over the weekend.

Mr. Craven, will join the two previously declared candidates incumbent NDP MLA Jennifer Rice and BC Liberal candidate Roy Jones Junior in debate next Wednesday and Thursday, providing an opportunity for us all to learn more about the three names now officially recorded by Elections BC.

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  1. It’s refreshing to see a First Nation candidate from Haida Gwaii running for a seat in the provincial legislature.
    I fear that Mr. Craven’s candidacy will only serve to split the vote.
    I urge voters to support mr. Roy Jones Jr. from Haida Gwaii.