Friday, February 21, 2020

MLA Rice gets warm reception with introduction of newest constituent at the Legislature

Like all MLA's North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice enjoys making note of visitors from the home constituency to the British Columbia Legislature, with Ms. Rice making an introduction for one of the newest residents on the North Coast who was in Victoria on Thursday.

The newcomer, who is perhaps a few years away yet from casting a ballot (though we suspect it will be one in favour of the incumbent), had a pretty good spot for the spotlight, lifted to the air for the Members from a spot on the front bench of the Government side of the House.

Judging by the reaction of the MLA's in the House, bringing young Lua to the Chamber certainly had a calming effect on the members in the midst of a very tumultuous week in the Legislature.

Which could make for a future career as a mediator for the young lad in the years to come.

For more notes on the work of MLA Rice in the Legislature see our archive page here.


  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. The house is a place of business to deal with issues pertinent to the province, not for a baby show! Ms. Rice should seriously consider dealing with issues for ALL her constituents and not just one sector, and leave the babysitting to her wife. Who paid his airfare?

  2. Well all MLA's have travel allowances, so how Ms. Rice allocates that is up to her, I also don't have any problem with introducing her son; MLA"s do that all the time and honestly that's a nice story and in a week of tumult in the Leg made for a nice moment. You do make a good point on the need to deal with issues for all constituents though, may have been a bit lost in the rest of your message however.