Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Long time electronics Store Data Boy shuts its retail operations on Fourth Street

It's been a bit of a surprise for customers of Data Boy to find their storefront
location now closed, with the electronics company providing for a change
in its business service plan for the community

The storefront is dark, the shelves are empty and the signs on the windows at the Data Boy location on Fourth Street tell part of the story of another retail operation in the city taking a new direction for its business.

The long time fixture, some ten years plus in business in Prince Rupert seemed to make the shift almost overnight and with little warning this month; introducing a range of telephone numbers for their faithful customer base to contact for the range of services that they offered.

Among some of the changes ahead, a shift to pick up and delivery for computer repairs, as well as a contact number for computer networking and office computer issues.

They also appear to still be in the two way radio communication business, again with a phone number to contact them for their needs, with the same arrangement in place for their work with Freedom Mobile which only just arrived in town in July of 2019.

They also have a pick up and drop off arrangement in place for the courier services that they offered from the 4th Street location. Though it's not clear if they will be continuing on in that role in the future.

The full overview of the changes can be reviewed below:

There was no indication at the store if they have plans to seek out a new storefront or if the new business model will be the blue print moving forward.

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