Tuesday, February 18, 2020

SD52 hosts Second Budget Consultation Session tonight at Booth Building

Tonight makes for the second of the School District 52 Consultation events
at the Booth Maintenance building, as Board trustees hear from the
public on issues related to the 2020-21 Budget Preparation process

The ongoing consultation process for SD52 finds the second of their gathering set for tonight and a 7 PM Budget Consultation Meeting set for the Booth Maintenance Building.

The Board has provided a handy map for those planning to attend the Budget sessions, providing the path to the entry way to the Booth Maintenance Building meeting room, which can be accessed from the Fifth Avenue East parking lot for Kax Kseen Elementary School.

On the Agenda for this evenings session will be Presentations to the Board of Education from Individual and Partner groups.

Notes from the First Budget Session of February 6th can be explored here. The debut consultation identified a number of the Big Picture themes that the School District and those engaged in the consultation process are looking at as part of the Budget preparation.

The School District has also introduced an online survey through the SD52 website, seeking feedback from parents, guardians, students, teachers, staff and all involved in the budget creation process.

The Survey which you can access here, seeks out the thought of participants on such elements as the District's Framework for Enhancing Student learning,  Suggestions from the public on the theme of reducing spending in the District as well as a section for any other thoughts that the public may wish to share with the Board trustees.

The School District hosts an archive of items related to the Budget process here.

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