Friday, February 28, 2020

Urban Nisga'a Alliance set to work on shared priorities

Members of the Nisga'a Urban Alliance are ready to move forward
on a range of priorities and initiatives
(Photo from  Gitmaxmak'ay Society Twitter Feed)

Three local organizations that represent Nisga'a residents in urban locations have concluded a planning session that has created a list of priorities for what will be known as the Nisga'a Urban Alliance.

The group consists of three locals, Ts'amiks which represents Nisga'a residents in Vancouver, Gitlaxdax which serves those Nisga'a living in Terrace and Gitmaxmak'ay, which represents Nisga'a residents living in Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

Their work  took place during the course of a full day of exchanging ideas, where they created these six priority themes for follow up on at subsequent sessions of the Alliance.

Establish quarterly meetings of the Alliance to ensure continuity and communication

To investigate establishing a joint charitable foundation to be eligible for more grants and to be able to issue tax receipts

To partner on Economic Development to become more financially self sufficient

To partner on housing for homeless, low income and Seniors

To partner on Health and Wellness initiatives in collaboration with Nisga'a Valley Health Authority

To partner on language, culture and youth for program and service delivery.

The Alliance will next meet in Prince Rupert on May 22nd.

For updates on the work of the Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga Society in Prince Rupert/Port Edward see their Facebook page and twitter feed.

As they work on their initiatives, the will be working in concert with the Nisga'a Lisims Government in the Nass Valley, more on developments for the Nisga'a can be explored through our archive page here.

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