Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Council looks to consider single use plastic Ban for Prince Rupert sometime in 2020

Councillor Cunningham offered up a theme of putting a Single Use
Plastic Ban in place for Prince Rupert in 2020

City Council returned to work on Monday night, and for his part Councillor Barry Cunningham offered up some reading material for the community and the call towards consideration and dedication towards establishing a Single Use Plastic ban in Prince Rupert.

The topic came up for discussion as part of the final moments of the seven minute Council session that opened up the 2020 Council year, with Mr. Cunningham observing how other communities have already put in place the ban on such single use items as shopping bags and other tiems.

Councillor Cunningham's
Christmas Reading list
has spawned a proposal
for City Council
Noting how Prince Rupert is a Marine city with a fishing background, he observed how Council should begin to look at the idea of a ban as well; highlighting a book he had read over Christmas called Plastic Soup as one which he suggests residents should read to understand the issue better.

"I really think as a Council that we should possibly look at putting a ban in place for the use of Single Use Plastics" -- Councillor Barry Cunningham at Monday's City Council Session

Mayor Brain concurred with the theme of theme, adding how he thought it was a very good idea and Council should get it moving forward.

Councillor Adey offered up some guidance on the topic as well , echoing the comments from Mr. Cunningham and agreeing with the theme but advising that Council needs to consider a few elements towards the plan.

"We need to be aware of a couple of things ... We need do a good job of learning the challenges, as well as the benefits of doing things like that, from others experience, let's take advantage of others experiences" -- Councillor Nick Adey on the theme of putting in place a Single Use Plastic Ban in Prince Rupert

He noted how it is an issue that is part of the larger global debate and how the City should be taking all the opportunities that they can to take on the global environmental concerns wherever they occur and wherever the city can make a difference.

No other council members spoke to the topic and Council did not outline any kind of timeline for their plans moving forward in the year.

You can review the conversation from the City's Video Archive starting at the 2 minute mark.

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