Thursday, December 10, 2020

Latest BC CDC local COVID results show Prince Rupert remains fortunate on the COVID-19 virus, with only ten cases recorded since January

The Prince Rupert area remains an Island of success and/or good 
fortune on COVID results with only ten recorded cases
in the region from January to November


While the challenges across British Columbia remain large, when it comes to COVID awareness, whatever COVID related measures those of us on the North Coast are taking should continue on at the same pace.

Our attention to the guidance from the Public Health Officer and perhaps a bit of good fortune, have continued to work towards making the Prince Rupert area among the lowest of case counts of the coronavirus in the province.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has provided it's latest update on community COVID case counts, and the news is still rather positive for Prince Rupert, with only ten cases of the coronavirus confirmed for this area  from January to November. 

That does mean that the Prince Rupert area has doubled its case count since last month with an increase of five since the last report of November 13th.

A Secondary chart breaks the case count down further with data from November 29 - December 5, to provide a glimpse of a week to week count.

The Cumulative Cases Data sheet released on Thursday evening compares the confirmed number of cases by communities and Prince Rupert has fared well compared to much of the Northwest and the larger centre of Prince George with the data marking the totals from January to November.

The data review shows the following local cases as of November 30 along the Highway 16 corridor area:

Burns Lake -- 9 cases
Nisga'a - Nass -- 11 cases
Kitimat -- 19 cases
Prince Rupert -- 10 cases
Terrace -- 28 cases
Nechako Region --  58  cases
Haida Gwaii -- 28 cases
Smithers -- 52 cases
Prince George -- 278 cases
Upper Skeena -- 6 cases

On the Central Coast there were 5 cases recorded to the end of November, with 7 cases recorded in the Bella Coola Valley.

So far, Stikine, Telegraph Creek and Snow Country have remained COVID free.

The latest review of information shows the impact of recent COVID reports from the Nass Valley, Kitimat and Smithers, with the largest surge of case reports found in the larger metropolitan Prince George area.

The high number for Haida Gwaii is taken from the summer outbreak that took place.

Yesterday the Premier, Doctor Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix highlighted the plans for a vaccine roll out program which could start as early as next week.

The BC CDC data page provides for a range of material on COVID and the provincial response to the virus. The data that is provided related to Health Service Delivery areas is updated weekly, while the data that lists the community levels is released monthly.

You can access the most recent BC CDC data here.

The latest update from Doctor Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix can be found from our archive page here.  

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