Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Heiltsuk Nation prepares for nomination process for 2021 election

The Heiltsuk Big House at Bella Bella
(Photo from Heiltsuk Tribal Council)

As they head towards 2021, members of the Heiltsuk Nation will be looking ahead to a March election period when they will cast ballots for the Chief Councillor's position and Five members of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council.

Towards the start of the election period, the Heiltsuk will be hosting a nomination meeting on January 23rd from 5 to 8 PM at the Big House in Bella Bella.

As part of the information process for the upcoming election period, the Heiltsuk note:

Any elector who cannot be at the Nomination Meeting can nominate an eligible person in writing by completing the required Remote Nominations forms. All electors living off-reserve were mailed a remote nomination package to the last known address of record. They may be returned by email or Canada Post and the forms must be received by the Electoral Officer by 5:00PM, January 23, 2021.

Regular Voting will take place on March 11th from 8 AM to 8 PM at the Big House in Bella Bella as well as an advance vote to be held inVancouver on March 9th at the Hotel Chateau Granville.

Voters will also be able to cast a ballot in person at a polling station, by mail-in ballot or electronically. Remote Ballot packages offering the possibility to vote by mail or electronically will be sent to eligible electors ordinarily residing off reserve, to their last known address of record with the Nation. 

It is your responsibility to ensure your address is up to date; you may contact the Electoral Officer to update your address.

Further notes from the Heiltsuk can be found from their website and Facebook page.

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