Monday, December 28, 2020

Roll Out of COVID-19 vaccines across Northwest British Columbia

The Moderna version of the COVID-19 vaccine
has been delivered to communities in the 
Northwest as part of the response to the coronavirus

As vaccines become available Northern Health and First Nations Health will be outlining the schedule ahead for distribution of the vaccines to communities across the region, as those advisories are relayed we'll list them below:

The Federal/Provincial response to COVID-19 can be reviewed here.

March 14 -- Day One of the Prince Rupert/Port Edward Community COVID-19 vaccination program underway  NCR
March 12 -- Prince Rupert vaccination calls overwhelm system (video)
March 12 -- Long wait times, dropped calls reported in Prince Rupert vaccine bookings
March 12 -- Prince Rupert officials dispel 'bad behaviour' accusations amid vaccines access
March 12 -- Heavy volumes make for extended waits of first day of Prince Rupert/Port Edward COVID-19 appointment bookings NCR
March 11 -- Northern Health reveals phone number for Prince Rupert vaccine appointments
March 11 -- Vaccination scheduling (video)
March 11 -- Prince Rupert COVID-19 vaccination call centre details announced
March 11 -- Patience is requested by Northern Health with the designated COVID-19 phone line
March 11 -- City of Prince Rupert/Northern Health to launch direct mail info campaign on upcoming community COVID vaccination   NCR
March 10 -- Health Minister Adrian Dix on why every adult in Prince Rupert is being vaccinated early (audio)
March 10 -- Inside a vaccination clinic (audio)
March 10 -- Vaccinations begins by appointments in Houston
March 10 -- 1-866-481-2175 -- Phone lines open Friday for Prince Rupert Community wide vaccination program
March 9 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward to receive community-wide vaccinations by April
March 9 -- Prince Rupert and Port Edward to receive COVID-19 vaccinations starting March 15
March 9 -- Northern Health solidifies 1,009 vaccination appointment bookings on first day
March 9 -- Prince Rupert COVID vaccinations expanded (video)
March 9 -- Prince Rupert and Port Edward residents to be vaccinated
March 9 -- A 90 year old is rolling up her sleeves for the COVID-19 vaccine (audio)
March 9 -- Why are people still wary of vaccines? (audio)
March 9 -- Prince Rupert to receive staged community wide COVID-19 vaccination program starting march 15th NCR
March 8 -- Phase 2 of BC's Immunization plan has begun
March 9 -- Northern health announces COVID-19 vaccine clinic locations
March 8 -- Several COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Bulkley Valley and Lakes
March 8 -- Northern Health vaccination appointments (video)
March 8 -- Prince Rupert COVID outbreak on the radar for provincial Health Officials, including Doctor Bonnie Henry  NCR
March 8 -- Surge of calls for vaccinations indicates British Columbians enthusiasm for COVID Vaccine shot program, though few calling today are part of the roll out target
 March 7 -- Northern Health phase 2 vaccine rollout starts Monday
March 7 -- Northern Health vaccine clinics open tomorrow: what to know
March 7 -- Jim Ciccone Civic Centre the place for COVID-19 vaccinations as Phase Two program set to launch. Appointment taking starts Monday vaccinations at end of month
March 5 -- Provincial COVID-19 immunization plan gains momentum
March 5 -- Health Canada approves Johnson and Johnson's. COVID0-19 vaccine
March 2 -- The Haisla Nation receives COVID-19 vaccines
March 2 -- 'A sense of relief' Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen on COVID-19 vaccines
March 2 -- Canada expected to receive first AstraZeneca doses on Wednesday
March 2 -- BC Health Minister Adrian Dix on vaccine roll-out update (audio)
March 1 -- Phase 2 of province's immunization plan places high focus on Seniors
March 1 -- BC government outlines the vaccine strategy, while Northern Health prepares to book appointments NCR
March 1 -- Government of BC unveils timeline for next phase of vaccine rollout

February 26 --  Health Canada approves AstraZeneca vaccine
February 26 -- Fed give more details on AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine
February 24 -- Vaccine certificates and the future of travel (audio)
February 10 -- What is the strategy for vaccinating BC's Seniors (audio)
February. 8 -- Nisga'a Vaccine supply confirmed (video)
February 8 -- Nisga'a Valley Health Authority to begin COVID-19 vaccination plan
February 8 -- Nisga'a Valley Health Authority announces phase one of the vaccine process
February 3 -- Rustad pursues vaccination shift explanation

January 29 -- Around 124,000 people vaccinated in BC; provincial death toll increases by 5
January 27 -- Kitselas vaccine rollout (video)
January 27 -- Nisga'a wait for vaccines (video)
January 27 -- Nisga'a academic questions why Nass Valley not prioritized for vaccine
January 27 -- COVID-19 vaccinations have been delivered to the Kitselas community
January 26 -- Kitselas receives COVID-19 vaccine 
January 25 -- Smithers Receives vaccines (video)
January 25 -- COVID-19 vaccination clinics held in Smithers
January 25 -- Smithers receives first doses of vaccine
January 22 -- COVID-19 vaccinations get underway in Smithers
January 22 -- BC Mass Vaccination Plan announced (video)
January 22 -- First immunization clinic announced in Atlin
January 22 -- COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Vanderhoof and Fort St. James
January 22 -- BC unveils COVID-19 immunization plan
January 22 -- BC Government outlines vaccine delivery program, Premier Horgan counsels patience for anxious British Columbians   NCR
January 22 -- Recent Acropolis Manor COVID vaccination program complete: Northern Health NCR
January 21 -- Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrives Houston
January 21 -- Mountainview Lodge gets first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines
January 21 -- COVID-19 vaccine supply delayed for Kitamaat Village
January 21 -- Premier urged to bring COVID-19 vaccine to Nisga'a Nation
January 20 -- First Houston vaccinations take place
January 20 -- State of Local Emergency extended for residents of the Nass Valley, that as the supply of vaccine for Nisga'a Nation is delayed  NCR
January 20 -- MLA Rice shares concerns over Acropolis Manor COVID outbreak, hails arrival of vaccines for residents  NCR
January 19 -- Vaccine roll out abruptly halted in Lakes District
January 15 -- Nisga'a COVID update (video)
January 15 -- Lake Babine Nation vaccine rollout resumes after a short pause
January 15 -- Northern Health updates listing of communities where COVID Vaccine has been delivered  NCR
January 14 -- Nisga'a Valley Health prepares to roll out COVID-19 vaccines
January 14 -- Nisga'a members in the Nass Valley the latest First Nation to announce vaccine rollout plan NCR
January 13 -- Smithers vaccination program to begin next week
January 13 -- Case numbers rise as Kitamaat Village prepares for arrival of COVID-19 vaccine
January 13 -- COVID-19 vaccination begins in Burns Lake
January 13 -- Lake Babine Nation receives Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
January 13 -- Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Burns Lake
January 13 -- NVHA Vaccine Rollout Plan (NVHA statement)
January 13 -- Burns Lake area receives its first COVID-19 vaccines
January 12 -- Haisla Nation says COVID-19 vaccine will soon arrive in Kitamaat Village
January 4 --   First COVID-19 vaccines administered in Terrace over the weekend
January 4 --   First Nations Vaccinations (video)
January 4 --  More remote First Nations communities receive Moderna COVID-19 vaccine 
January 4 --  Moderna COVID-19 vaccine rollout began in Terrace this weekend
January 4 --  Terrace receives first doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines
January 3 --  Terrace administers its first COVID-19 vaccines
January 3 --  Terrace administers its first COVID-19 vaccines (NH statement)

December 30 -- Kitasoo Nation the latest Northern Coastal First Nation to receive COVID 19 vaccine NCR
December 28 -- Tahltan's join Gitxaala in receipt of COVID-19 vaccine NCR
December 28 -- Gitxaala Nation set to be among first to receive COVID-19 vaccine NCR .

The Federal/Provincial response to COVID-19 can be reviewed here.   

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