Wednesday, January 20, 2021

MLA Rice shares concerns over Acropolis Manor COVID outbreak, hails arrival of vaccines for residents

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice has posted a short note to her Facebook Page sharing her concerns for the residents  and staff at Acropolis Manor who have been confirmed to have cases of COVID-19, with the MLA also hailing the arrival of COVID vaccines set to be administered at the facility today.

The notice of the vaccine arrival was shared by Northern Health on Tuesday evening, shortly after the notice of the COVID outbreak at the Acropolis Facility was delivered.

The vaccination program at Acropolis, which is set to take place today will see those residents and staff members who have not tested positive for the virus receive their shots starting this morning. It was anticipated that the Moderna version of the COVID-19 vaccine will be the one distributed at this session.

The North Coast MLA's post has generated a number of questions and comments from her constituents, many of them on themes that may require a bit more of a response from the member of the NDP government.

Ms. Rice was not the only local official to take to social media with some thoughts on the Acropolis news, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain also spoke to the outbreak on his Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

At last week's City Council session, Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa had noted of the lack of any vaccination program in the Prince Rupert area and called for Northern Health to provide for a COVID Vaccine delivery for Seniors in the area as well as for those in the health care field.

Up until today, Prince Rupert had not been included on the list of those communities that had seen some vaccine delivery.

Northern Health and the First Nations Health Authority have rolled out a vaccination program across the region in recent weeks, you can track some of the locations that have already seen a program in place from our archive page here.

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