Monday, January 25, 2021

The Second Avenue debris pile begins to move out, as workers tackle challenging project

Workers on clean up at the corner of Sixth and Second West
are making good progress on the debris from an October Fire

After more than three months serving as a less than appealing welcome to Prince Rupert for arriving air visitors (back when we had such) work on the pile of debris on a lot at the corner of Sixth Street and Second Avenue West is underway.

As we've noted a few times in recent months, the debris a result of the large downtown fire in early October, had for the most part sat untouched since the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Fire Crews cleared the scene.

Last week, the large volume of that debris began to grow smaller, with a private contractor working the site clearing some of the pile and putting it into trucks for hauling.

The topic of the unsightly aftermath of the fire, never quite made it into discussion at City Council in the past few months, despite much discussion over the state of unsightly properties and situations.

So, perhaps with some progress now underway, one of the City's Council members may wish to take advantage of tonight's Council session to provide for an update on things.

Offering the chance for the City to outline if it knows, or has any details to share as to how long the project is projected to take to complete, if there is any environmental impact from the site and where all that debris may be heading.

Past notes on the theme, as well as other items of interest from City Council can be reviewed from our Council Discussion Archive.

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