Thursday, January 21, 2021

Grab a book from the Prince Rupert Library and join in on the 2021 Reading Challenge

The Prince Rupert Library has offered up an invitation to North Coast residents to crack open a good book and take part in the 2021 Reading challenge.

Earlier this month the Sixth Avenue West home for reading outlined some notes on the 2021 project which is sponsored by the Friends of the Prince Rupert Library.

As they outline through their Social Media stream, each month there will be a different genre up for consideration and a number of suggestions to choose from.

For the month of January the Library has selected Memoirs

As part of the reading challenge, those who participate will be entered in the draw towards a gift certificate from Eddies News.

The first month of the new year also is one of celebration with the Library set to observe Family Literacy Day which is coming up on January 27th

You can learn more about that event and other notes of interest for the month from the Library from their Facebook page here.

For more community notes see our archive page here.

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