Monday, January 25, 2021

COVID cancels out Curling in Prince Rupert for rest of season

The parking lot at Seal Cove hosting the Prince Rupert
Curling Club will remain empty for the rest of the season,
as the club suspends its on ice activities owing to COVID

With extended COVID-19 restrictions now in place, the Prince Rupert Curling Club has made the call to suspend the rest of the curling season.

In a notice posted to the Prince Rupert Curling Club's Facebook page earlier this month, it was noted that the extension of the restrictions for participation in the sport, with no guarantee that they may be lifted moving into next month, put the Club in a situation requiring a decision on the rest of the season.

As they outline in the advisory, keeping the ice plant operation with no ability to generate further funds was not something they found financially viable.

You can review the full advisory here.

The Curling Club had returned to the ice in the fall with a new ice plant and hopes that some of the challenges of the year prior would be in the past, however as the pace of COVID accelerated and the measures from the provincial government expanded, the chance for a return to curling for local enthusiasts will now be delayed until the fall.

To keep up on items of notice from the Curling Club follow their social media feed or their website.

Notes on Curling in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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