Friday, January 22, 2021

Recent Acropolis Manor COVID vaccination program complete: Northern Health

See update below:

A short note posted to the Northern Health Prince Rupert focused Facebook page has indicated that the recent vaccination of staff and residents of Acropolis Manor has been completed.

The update posted yesterday notes that Northern Health has "vaccinated all of the residents of Acropolis Manor who wanted the vaccine and who were not symptomatic or had not tested positive for COVID-19. Those who were not immunized at this time will have the opportunity to get the vaccine at a later date."

The information while helpful for families of those living or working at Acropolis Manor was somewhat hard to find, requiring some deep digging into a web of threads on the Social Media feed.

While the Prince Rupert focused Facebook page is a useful source of information for residents of the North Coast, the nature of Facebook with its endless threads does not make for a more continuous flow of vital information and that does seem to create much in the way of confusion as to the current state of things in Prince Rupert.

So far the only mention of the COVID outbreak at Acropolis to be found from the Northern Health website is the initial advisory of January 19th.

Since that time, there has been no update to that portal as to the current level of infection, or even the relay of the above notes on the vaccination program at the facility.

Something that seems to accentuate the  growing number of observations from many in the region that Northern Health has not done a very good job of keeping the community informed about the current state of COVID-19 in Prince Rupert and area.

The last official count provided by officials at Northern Health was that 16 residents and 4 staff members had been reported to have contracted COVID-19.

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Update: Northern Health has provided some background to their vaccination program at Acropolis this week. 

As well, as of January 22, the Health Authority has stated that there are now 18 residents and 8 staff members at Acropolis Manor who have tested positive for COVID-19.

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